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YLB Internship Recommend Tutor Recruitment


Project Introduction

The 2019 YLB Internship Recommend, led by experienced U.S. mentors, invites Silicon Valley elites, financial professionals, and global top 500 companies, to provide targeted online and offline training, such as career planning, skill guidance, etc. for international students. Students can customize their training, network with professionals and be matched to internship opportunities. This program will allow students to acquire real skills and experiences as well as build their interpersonal relations.

The Internship Recommend needs your participation —Enterprise Recruitment

We are looking to recruit elite mentors and enterprises to help students in career development. We welcome you to join the 2019 YLB Internship Recommend!


Participation Contents

HR consultant: responsible for post assessment, resume screening and talent matching

Project consultant: participate in project design and give suggestions

Skill training tutor: online skill training and offline skill lecture, specialties include: Technology, Finance, Marketing and Accounting

Vocational training tutor: online skill training and offline skill lecture, contents include: resume correction, guidance on interview, career development analysis


1Well-paid: Tutors who participate in projects can obtain additional and competitive remuneration.

2Expanding interpersonal relations: Online and offline mixer and networking event can expand your interpersonal relations, getting more opportunities for your career.

3Give back to society: Help more overseas students as a veteran, so that students can avoid detours and mistakes in their job hunting as far as possible.

Process for JobSeeker Program


Process for Tutor Participation

Training Tutor:
HR Consultant:
Project Consultant:

Requirements on tutors

HR Consultant&Project Consultant:

Have at least 5-year experience in personnel recruitment

Familiar with recruitment process

Have ever participated in project design for personnel recruitment

Have experience in school recruitment

Training Tutor:

Have at least 3-year experience in relevant field

Work in Fortune Global 500 companies or the founder of a company

Enough time to participate in program guidance

Good at language expression and teaching

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